General Questions-

Q: How do I purchase a reptile from Tiki Tiki Reptiles? A: It's easy! Go to the page for the reptile that you are looking for and check for the availability. For example if you are looking for a Nosy Be panther chameleon look HERE. All pages will have an indicator of availability, if none are currently available contact us, we can contact you when they are ready.

Q: How do you get a reptile from Colorado to me? A: We send your Tiki Tiki Reptile in a foam lined box with a heat or cool pack inside to keep it happy during transit. All reptiles are sent overnight via UPS or FedEx and usually arrive to you by 10:00AM the next morning. We generally ship Monday-Wednesday; you will be contacted before shipping to make sure someone will be home to sign for your pet. This is necessary so your Live Arrival Guarantee stays valid.   

Q: Can I come pick out my pet? A: No, Tiki Tiki Reptiles is a private breeder; we do not have a store front. You can come see us at any of the shows we do around the West Coast, check our Show Schedule to see where we will be next.

 Chameleon Questions-

Q: Can I keep a chameleon in a glass tank? A: We only recommend that Pygmy chameleons be kept inside a glass tank. All other chameleons should be kept in all screen cages like the ones that you can purchase on our site. They give 100% ventilation, do not reflect a stress inducing reflection and are very easy to clean.

Q: How often do I need to mist my chameleon? A: We recommend misting the chameleon several times a day, really as much as you can when you are around. Something that we find is well worth the money if you are a serious chameleon keeper is definitely an automatic misting system.

Q: Do I need the UVB bulb? A: YES! Although it can be a bit pricey for the bulb and fixture, it is VERY important for the well-being of your chameleon to give it this light. This substitutes as their sunlight source so the only time you wouldn't need one is if you are able to keep your chameleon outside the majority of the time.  

Cage Kits

Our affordable kits include everything you need to take care of your NEW pet chameleon!

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Reptile SUPER Show!
Pomona Fairplex, Pomona CA
Repticon Reno NV
Reno, NV location TBD
ReptiCon Costa Mesa
OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, CA
Repticon Denver, CO
Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, Aurora, Colorado

<html dir="ltr"><head><title></title></head><body><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>Chad of Tiki Tiki are great! I got my bearded from them and could not be happier with my beardie and there customer service and willing to help. They are extremely nice people and have great animals!! Thanks so much I am sure I will be back for more!</p><p></p></body></html>

~Debbie OC, CA