Mako Babies
Our breeder Mako, is the son of a very well-known WC Veiled chameleon by the name of “STORM”. This chameleon had some of the brightest full body yellows that we have ever seen in any chameleon. We acquired Mako several years ago and have been continuing the work of creating full body yellow veiled chameleons ever since. Mako is now retired from active duty however we still have a few clutches eggs in the rotation as well as babies. Mako Jr. is on the job however we expect that we will be sold out of Mako babies by the middle of 2013.

Please take note that our shopping cart will charge a flat rate of $50 per chameleon for OVERNIGHT shipping.

If ordering more than 1 chameleon, or supplies please Contact us to get a combined shipping cost!

Our chameleons may not be the cheapest available however we don’t want them to be. We dedicate countless hours to the care and well-being of our animals and we feel that this is reflected in the quality of the chameleon and service that you will receive from us. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to keep our customers happy. Give us a try; you will be happy you did!
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Our affordable kits include everything you need to take care of your NEW pet chameleon!

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Thank you! Thank you! We got the veiled yesterday morning. He is awesome! We look forward to doing business with you again!
~Carol Skyhawk