Cage Kits

Through years of experience, testing various products and lots of trial and error we have finally combined a group of products that we feel will give you, the customer, the best environment to correctly grow and house your pet chameleon. We believe that our kits are one of the best on the market and include everything that we use here at Tiki Tiki Reptiles but on a smaller scale. Some kits are incomplete or include things which are unnecessary, thus driving up the cost. Our kit has everything that you can ask for and then some but still remains affordable. 

We are currently revamping our cage kits due to changing availability of supplies.

We have two different kit options for you to choose from, the Basic Kit and the Deluxe Kit. Both kits have everything you need to care for your chameleon, however the Deluxe Kit has a few additional luxury items both for you and your chameleon. For example the 100% organic live ficus plant will be a great pesticide free home for your chameleon, while the Moto-Mister will prevent a tired forearm from hand misting.

Chameleon kits are shipped in 2 boxes, 1 will have your cage inside and the other will contain the remainder of your items. Once you have your habitat set up and ready we will then ship your chameleon, or if you like we can arrange them to arrive on the same day. Cage kits will have a flat rate shipping of $25 for the basic kit and $30 for the deluxe.

Compare our kit prices with any major retailer and watch the savings add up!  

Cage Kits

Our affordable kits include everything you need to take care of your NEW pet chameleon!

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<html dir="ltr"><head><title></title></head><body><p>Chad is the BEST! I searched many sites for a good chameleon before settling on TikiTiki, and am Very glad I did. Chad was a joy to keep contact with and do business with, both over email and by phone. They put up with delay after delay due to cage issues and weather here in Colorado, and stayed just as friendly and understanding as day one. They even answered all my incessant questions about feeding, supplements, and all that new owner stuff. They are clearly at the top of the tree of breeders. :) I just received my chameleon this morning and couldn't be happier with him! He even shed in transport and was still in great shape when he arrived. A real beauty! Thank you ever so much, Chad!</p><p></p></body></html>

--Darcy Davis, Denver CO